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Welcome to my Web site!

My own background in puntgunning started in the late 70's whilst living on the remote island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, but it was a full 10 years later before the ambition was turned into practice.

Having built a very crude punt in 1978 intended for a double barrel 4 bore, I quickly found out the shortcomings of the design, and found that I could no way finding or fund a suitable gun. By 1983 I was trying to modify the punt to make it useable for a proper big gun - all to no avail.

In 1984 I discovered an advert by "Adams Puntguns" offering to build to order a big gun. I placed an order for a gun of 1.625 inches, and started to look for a useable punt.

Late in 1985 I found an old punt originally used on Langston Harbour by the Pyecroft family during the early 1900's, together with a 1.5 inch gun crudely converted from muzzle loading to breach loading (and not proved).

Thus started 2 long years of work to make the gun useable and the punt seaworthy.

During the 1987 season I tried repeatedly to get afloat on the Humber estuary at Patrington Haven without success.

A chance meeting with a like minded soul at a clay pigeon shoot prompted the building of a modern double punt.

The punt was launched, after 8 months of construction work, on Boxing Day 1988.  Shortly after the Adams Gun was received.

I have been a Puntgunner ever since.


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